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This past weeks blog was one that is deeply personal. The process of starting over and breaking zones requires it. It is called healing. I know this is a little off course, but it is a part of my process. Today I reverted back to think of my past. The past can be a deadly and hindering place. It can take the mind to anger, pain, depression and a variety of emotions. I feel so conflicted because my faith says that I have to forgive. When I can not forget; how do I forgive? What I do know is, forgiveness is vital to a better me. Just as I work hard to establish a hustle, I must also work hard to establish a peace of mind. If I do not regain my peace of mind, my other goals of change will suffer. Most importantly my children need to be able to rely on their mom.

Self reflection helps to identify deep personal issues!!!



On my journey of starting over, there was one goal that I forgot. It should have been my first goal; healing. I have started healing my body, but now it's time for my mind. I have so much healing to do in my mind and heart. There are so many past hurts that almost made me a bitter individual. I have so many of them that go back to my childhood. I thought that I had gotten over them until I started writing. It is my mission to make peace with these hurts by:

Facing the hurts that I have endured.
It may bring fears but, I have to admit to myself first all the hurt. If I keep avoiding my hurt, I do not believe I will heal.

Truly forgive all those that hurt me.
The unforgiveness that I carry is like a rot inside of me. This rot will hinder and destroy my starting over. It is like trying to build a house on a termite filled wooden foundation.

Seek professional help.
It is not a bad thing to ask for mental help. mental health help is there for that purpose. I had to mature to come …

Starting Over

Starting Over

It’s never easy starting over but it is possible.  I am at the age where I am suppose to have things together. What I have learned is life does not always go as we plan. I do not regret starting over but It was not preferred. I know it will be a challenge. One that I am looking forward to facing.

Five evaluations on my road to starting over:

Pray for clarity- I have always leaned on my faith in God. That faith has kept me through life.

Looked at my circle (the people in my life)- I realized a while ago that not everyone will celebrate with you.

Evaluate my goals- I had to look at what I wanted to achieve. I learned in college how to put time limits on my goals. It is ok if I have to adjust some goals.

Evaluate my finances- I asked myself how would starting over change my finances. I needed to know how I was going to maintain my household.

Face my fears- I had to acknowledge my fear of branching out of the m…

What is breaking zones?

What is breaking zones?

Breaking Zones is me breaking outside of my comfort zone. It is me trying new things that I always wanted, but put on hold. There were various reasons I put them on hold.

Breaking my zones means:

1. I will have to reach for my goals no matter the fear.

2. I will have to put myself out there on social media.

3. Lastly, I would have to stay true to me.

The fact that I have written this blog proves my ability and willingness to step outside of my comfort zone. My increased presence on Instagram is proof of me putting myself out there. My opening up about my weaknesses in this blog me staying true to myself.

Lets go break those zones!