On my journey of starting over, there was one goal that I forgot. It should have been my first goal; healing. I have started healing my body, but now it's time for my mind. I have so much healing to do in my mind and heart. There are so many past hurts that almost made me a bitter individual. I have so many of them that go back to my childhood. I thought that I had gotten over them until I started writing. It is my mission to make peace with these hurts by:

  Facing the hurts that I have endured.
It may bring fears but, I have to admit to myself first all the hurt. If I keep avoiding my hurt, I do not believe I will heal.

  Truly forgive all those that hurt me.
The unforgiveness that I carry is like a rot inside of me. This rot will hinder and destroy my starting over. It is like trying to build a house on a termite filled wooden foundation.

  Seek professional help.
It is not a bad thing to ask for mental help. mental health help is there for that purpose. I had to mature to come to that conclusion. Humbling yourself to ask for needed help speaks to your strength.

I believe that I can not be the Entrepreneuress and philanthropist that I dream to be if I do not heal. When starting over you must heal your mind, bod, and spirit.

Healing is possible and necessary!


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